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Y-Block Headers
Y-Block describes the shape of the cylinder block with its deep skirted crankcase on the Ford OHV engines built 1954-64.
Y-Block Passenger

Y-Block passenger
1 3/4" main tube
(Adtl for metallic ceramic coating)

Passenger dual tube

Passenger dual tube, flanged
Our best flowing non-fenderwell
psgr header
(Adtl for metallic ceramic coating)

Pick-up 4-into-1

Pick-up 4-into-1, incl reducers
for 2wd not lowered
(Adtl for metallic ceramic coating)

Passenger 2" main tube

Passenger 2" main tube
(Adtl for metallic ceramic coating)

Pickup "Stubbies"

Pickup "Stubbies" incl reducers
Can fit either 2wd or 4wd lowered or stk hgt.
(Adtl for metallic ceramic coating)

T-Bird Tri-Y headers for 55-57
(Adtl for metallic ceramic coating)

Stage 8 Locking Header Fasteners for Y-Block

T-Bird Tri-Y extensions, aluminized

Passenger (except '54) log-type, 1-3/4" main tube

Passenger (except '54) log-type, 2" main tube

'54 Ford passenger log-type, 1-3/4"

'54 Merc passenger log-type, 1-3/4"

Passenger dual tube

Fenderwell exit, 4-into-1* (specify car or truck)

54-64 Truck, 4-into-1

*To use fenderwell exit headers, you must cut a hole in your fenderwells to install them.

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For current prices please visit
or call us at (760) 343-2590.

Y-Block owners, call us to get the Y-Block Wise Buys flyer. (760) 343-2590
or e-mail:
or you can download the PDF version Here!

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