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Flathead Ford V8

Flatheads Fords are alive and well, and running all around the globe the same basic engine that Ford introduced in 1932, and that Ford produced by tens of millions until 1953 in the USA.

Flathead Ford Engines

Flathead Ford engines have both history and a future. They were prized by hot rodders because they could easily be modified to put out double their original horsepower and with more work, triple the original.  The Flathead Ford V8 Engine was also the workhorse of agriculture, the military, and many stationary engine applications.  They were easy to keep running with many interchangeable engine parts.  Today they can be made into mechanical works of art with new polished aluminum intake manifolds, finned heads, water necks, etc that add beauty to their practical strengths.

Flathead V8 Headers

Early hot rodders developed headers for Flatheads in search of more horsepower. The gain was immediate and easily earned since the engine can stay in the vehicle with no internal parts removed or altered,  and headers installed to replace stock exhaust manifolds. Today Red's Headers continues this tradition; we produce more than sixty different Ford Flathead header patterns for different vehicles and applications and combinations. Most of our headers are traditional style for nostalgia hot rods but we also make 3-into-1 and center dump designs. 

Flathead Engine Parts

Flathead engine parts that you might need or want to build a stock or hot rod Flathead V8 are also made and sold at Red's Headers & Early Ford Speed Equipment.  We know these engines and love them, and provide support and technical assistance along with the correct parts for the engine builder who wants to build a daily driver, a parade car, a drag racer, or a saltliner. Whether it's a Ford, a Merc, or a Ford truck, from blocks to bearings, crankshafts to chrome-moly spring retainers, and from Offenhauser heads to Melling oil pumps, we have the internal and external parts in stock.

The French Flathead

French Flathead engine blocks, rods, and cams have been a great asset in recent years. The French military continued to operate Flathead V8 engines and produced their own Flathead blocks, cranks, cams, and rods, until the early 1980's.  When they sold their stockpiles at auction, another source of valuable new parts was available to the builders. We have the engine parts in stock to help you use them in your projects.

Flathead Ford Speed Equipment

Does it get any better than Flathead Ford speed equipment? We have adjustable lifters, improved valve guides, stainless steel valves, stronger valve springs, a multitude of cam grinds from Iskenderienand Schneider on new cores, new crankshafts, new rods the entire valve train can be built from new parts. Add Offenhauser, Sharp,or Edelbrock heads and intake.  All the ingredients of your ideal Flathead. See Flathead Engine Parts which we have separated into Internal Parts, and External Parts.

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