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Flathead Headers made to fit each year FordHeaders replace the stock exhaust manifolds on early Fords with a tremendous improvement in performance -- much better than dual exhaust on stock exhaust manifolds -- reducing back pressure and producing that famous old time sound. These headers are made in small batches in our own shop in Thousand Palms, California from many jigs and patterns.

The headers we supply to fit your Ford are guaranteed to fit or your money back.  There are no shortcuts or "fitsall" solutions to fitting headers on Fords -- that's why we do the painstaking patterning and fitting to make headers fit the vehicle and the engine. Red's Headers are true bolt on performance for your Ford. Items are shipped daily.

Complete exhaust systems featuring our headers are available including:
  • The correct bolts you need to bolt to the block or heads.
  • Exhaust gaskets made out of premium gasket material that will last.
  • Steel headers made from 16 ga steel tubing welded to a sturdy 3/8" flange (1/4" plus for Flathead).
  • Gasket areas surfaced on a head surfacer so that all are in line.  Each header is trial fit to make sure that they will bolt on easily.
  • A variety of coatings are available: straight nickel, polished chrome, or metallic-ceramic coating.
  • Extension pipes of aluminized 16 ga steel built to fit inside the chassis between header and muffler. Available for Flatheads & T-Birds.
  • The best choice of old time sound mufflers -- round glass pak Smithy's in three lengths.
  • Tailpipes are available for most of the Flathead Ford models.
  • Chrome tips -- popular pencil tips, baloney cuts, or downturns.  Even echo cans if you want them, or pencil tips Metallic-Ceramic coated.
  • Clamps and hangers needed to install the header to tip system.

Click here for more on optional coatings for our headers.

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