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Article Title

Original Publish Date

Bearings & Bearing Bores

March/April 2007

How to Start Building an Engine

Jan/Feb 2007

Fasteners and Torque Nov/Dec 2006

Nov/Dec 2006

V8 Engine Balancing

Sept/Oct 2006

Spark Advance Hop-up Trouble Spot

July/Aug 2006

Valve Lifters & Adjustment

May/June 2006

Crankshaft Seals

Mar/April 2006

Oversize OD Rod Bearings

Jan/Feb 2006

Oil Pressure Woes

Nov/Dec 2005

Cams, Cam Gears, and Crankshaft Gears

Sept/Oct 2005

Fuel and Carburetors

July/Aug 2005

Rear Main Seal Dilemma

May/June 2005

Camshaft End Clearance

March/Apr 2005

Distributor Timing & Cam Timing

Jan/Feb 2005

Four Stroke Cycle Engine

Nov/Dec 2004

Ford V-8 Valves

July/Aug 2004

Valve Train

May/June 04

Gears & Gearing

Mar/Apr 2004

Unleaded Fuel Use

Jan/Feb 2004

Crankcase Ventilation

Nov/Dec 2003

Broken Head Studs - More Removal Tips

Sept/Oct 2003

New Johnson Lifters

July/Aug 2003

Broken Stud and Bolt Removal

May/June 2003

Cooling & Overheating

Mar/Apr 2003

Labyrinth, (and other), Rear Main Seals

Jan/Feb 2003

Oil Leaks & Seals

Nov/Dec 2002

Bits & Pieces IV

Sept/Oct 2002

Cylinder Heads

July/Aug 2002

Lifters and Valve Adjustment

May/June 2002

Crack Repairs

March/April 2002

Water Pump Grease / Sleeving

Jan/Feb 2002

Bits & Pieces III

Nov/Dec 2001

The Story of Bearings...conclusion

Sept/Oct 2001


July/Aug 2001

Real World Oil Consumption

May/June 2001

Bits & Pieces, II

Sept/Oct 2000

Engine Build Ups II

July/Aug 2000

Engine "Build-ups"

May/Jun 2000

Test Results

Mar/Apr 2000

Balancing the V8 Engine

Jan/Feb 2000

Storing your V-8

Nov/Dec 1999

Broken Stud and Bolt Removal

Sep/Oct 1999

Crankcase Ventilation

Jul/Aug 1999

Valve train assembly

May/Jun 1999

Valves, Continued

Mar/Apr 1999

Ford V-8 Valves

Jan/Feb 1999

Valve Train

Nov/Dec 1998

Bits & Pieces

Sept/Oct 1998

Overheating and Cooling

Jul/Aug 1998

Oil Leaks, Gaskets and Seals

May/June 1998

All articles originally in Early Ford V8 Times

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