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Demon 98Introducing the Demon 98
by Barry Grant

The Demon 98 is a retro two barrel high performance carburetor that fits the thirties style three bolt intake manifolds that remained popular throughout the fifties and early sixties. Fits Flathead, Y-Block, Hemi and Nailhead and is a direct replacement for the Stromberg 97 or Holley 94 carb.

  • Accepts 2-5/8" period style air cleaner or air horns
  • Rated at 205 cfm
  • Fuel bowl operates at 6-7 psi  fuel pressure
  • Uses commonly available service parts
  • Progressive linkages available
  • Retro gold look or optional chrome coming soon!

The chief differences between the Demon 98 and the Stromberg 97 include the design of the accelerator pump mechanism and the operating fuel pressure. The Demon 98 accelerator pump arrangement has interchangeable nozzles, which can be switched to suit newer designs of camshaft, cylinder heads and intake manifolds. The operating fuel pressure of the Demon 98 is around 6-7l lbs. per inch compared with 3-4l lbs. for the Stromberg.

With a compact side hung float bowl, multi carb. installations are conveniently accommodated. Though the Demon 98 can be employed singularly, it is usually configured in multiples of two, three or six.

Demon 98 Instruction Manual (PDF)


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