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Flatattack Racing Products

Flatattack parts are produced by Australian innovator Mike Davidson.
We now have most Flattack items in stock.

Call for prices (760) 343-2590

Exhaust Port Dividers
Exhaust Port Dividers

As the centre cylinders fire 180 apart, as the exhaust valve is closing, the intake valve next to it is opening drawing the spent gas back into the cylinder and diluting the mixture. By fitting these dividers, this can be eliminated. Comes with extra long studs to suit the thickest aftermarket cylinder heads.

Oil Filler Tube and Breather
Oil Filler Tube and Breather

These new breathers are now available, featuring a polished aluminum base with chrome tube and cap. This setup is a direct replacement for all models where an after market fuel pump has been fitted.

Saddle style Engine Mount

The aluminum saddle complete with legs, rubber mountings and gaskets is used to adapt a Chev 348/409 water pump.
Custom pulleys will be required with this installation.
Rebuilt water pumps also available.

Remote Oil Filter

The all new full flow capable beehive oil filter is now available utilizing a spin-on Delco PFLIA element.
The unique features of this unit are the fitting of the oil lines to the bottom of the body allowing the top to be easily removed for servicing. The top is polished while the body is painted satin black, with all mounting hardware included.

Remote Oil Filter
Valve Tools

Valve ToolsThe valve lifting bar and valve guide clip removal tool are made from dropped forged heat treated 4140 steel and is essential for removing and installing valves and those hard to get out clips.
Some valve assemblies can be almost impossible to remove from the engine, not so with this new tool. Remove the guide retaining clip with a combination of either the valve bar or clip removal tool, lift the valve off its seat and install he valve collar, slip the tube over the top and wind down the nut to remove the assembly

Hellings Style Air Filter

These airfilters are a reproduction of the original "Hellings F-258" airfilter, made from spun aluminum and featuring a K & N style washable filter.

Hellings Style Air Filter
Main Bearing Support

Main Bearing Support

With only a 3 bearing crankshaft, these engines can do with all the extra support they can get. Early engines - Center only Late engines - Front and Center

Scoop Style Air Filters
Scoop Style Air Filters

These airfilters are designed to fit on top of 97/94 style carbs when fitted with air scoops and feature a washable foam element with steel mesh backing. Available in red or black.

Engine / Transmission Mounts

Color coordinate your engine with these urethane engine mounts. The one on the left is a direct replacement for the original Ford mount. and is currently available in black, red, yellow and blue.

Call for prices (760) 343-2590

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