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 High Performance Engine Kits featuring:

  • '39-'48 w/NOS rod/main brgs Call for Prices
    '39-'48 w/current prod. rod/main brgs
    '49-'53 w/3 3/4" stroke
    '49-'53 w/4" stroke
         Price may vary depending on sizes

    Engine Rebuild Gasket Set (w/std bore
       graphite head gaskets)
  • Cam Bearings
  • Rod Bearings
  • Main Bearings
  • Cast Aluminum 4 Ring Pistons
  • Grant Cast Iron Piston Rings
  • Oil Pump (std 49-43)
  • Timing gear set (cam & crankshaft gears).
  • Upgrades:

    We are happy to answer your specific questions for your vehicle. Click Here for a short form that will give us some details so we can help you.

    If you want a price quote be sure to let us know where you are located because shipping can vary a lot.

  • Std Bore Copper Head Gaskets in Rebuild Set
  • Big Bore Copper or Graphtite Head Gaskets in Rebuilt Set
    39-48 w/BB Cu
                       w/BB Gr
             '49-53 w/BB Cu
                       w/BB Gr
  • Ross Forged Pistons
  • Hastings Piston Rings
  • High Volume Oil Pump
  • Variable Timing Set

  • Pistons

    Engine dress up parts in stock include:

  • Polished stainless steel wire looms
  • Chrome radiator pipe kits
    & 49-53 pu
  • Chrome oil fill and caps, tube
  • Offenhauser Aluminum Heads
  • Offenhauser Intake Manifolds; polishing available.
  • Chrome acorn head nuts (genuine acorns or acorn nut covers).

  • *Adjustable lifters are easy to get now. Some are available that are not hard enough to last. You may try the file test on the bottom corner. If they file readily, they are too soft. We hope to have all of the best flathead Ford products all of the time.  Back

    For current prices please visit www.reds-headers.net
    or call us at (760) 343-2590.

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