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High Performance Cams

Most folks think that the cam is the most important part in determining how your engine will perform. We have them from mild to wild -- to make your engine perform the way you want.

Isky Racing Cams

Max 1 or 400 Jr NEW Isky cam and Red's Cam Kit including:

  • New hollow adjustable lifters
  • Lincoln Zephyr valve springs
  • Cam bolt lock plate
  • Your choice of Max 1 or 400 Jr NEW Isky Cam

    NEW Isky Cam with Iskenderian Cam Kit including 185 G Springs

    NEW Isky 400 Jr including Isky Cam with Iskenderian Cam Kit including dual springs (4005) and retainers (87F)

    Schneider Cams

    Our most popular 3/4 grind is the 254 /.355" lift Schneider. Very smooth, with way more power than stock and good manifold vacuum. Here are some options:

    Advertised Duration

    Duration at .050"


    248 degrees

    220 degrees

    .355"-smooth idle

    254 degrees

    226 degrees

    .355"-little lope, smooth power

    265 degrees

    234 degrees

    .395"-track grind, flexible

    272 degrees

    236 degrees

    .425"-big track, big lope

    Cams only, new $250; reground $125 exchg, $50 core

    New 49-53 cams have new dist drive gear and all cams have new oil pump drive gear.
    We need good cam cores!

    Cam Kit

    Variable Timing Aluminum Cam Gear
    Variable Timing Aluminum Cam Gear allows easy cam timing changes for the high performance that your cam grinder designed.

    Three bolt patterns and three timing marks to allow changes of +/- 6 crankshaft degrees.
    Early or late Flathead (specify) Variable Timing Aluminum Cam Gear

    Crankshaft gear and variable cam gear set

    Cam Bearings
    Cam Bearings, full circle, no split, standard
    -.010, -.020, -.030

    Cam Bolt Lock Plate 
    Schneider Cam Lube

    Valve guide retainers
    Valve guide seals "o-rings"

    Lincoln Zephyr valve springs on right
    Lincoln Zephyr Valve Springs - just right for street performance flathead cams - then and now.
    Genuine NORS Lincoln Zephyr valve springs

    Stock replacement valves
    49-53 valves, stock replacement

    For Highest Performance 49-53 stainless valves Pro Flo 1.5, 1.6"

    Valve Guides
    Valve Guides

    Made from hardenable cast iron. The exhaust guides have no seal groove and the OD's are bare for better heat transfer. Concentricity is .0008" TIR or better.

      Valve Changeover KitValve Changeover Kit
      Get the advantages of 49-53 valve train, better oil control and less valve sticking.
      Includes: 16 valves, springs, guides, guide retainers, spring retainers; 8 guide seals, 32 hard split locks

      Same valve changeover items but with Lincoln Zephyr springs
      Same but with ss ProFlo valves and Lincoln Zephyr valve springs
      Note: Lifters in photo are not included in kit price but can be added.

      For current prices please visit
      or call us at (760) 343-2590.

      Click Here for more Internal Engine Parts

      *Adjustable lifters are easy to get now. Some are available that are not hard enough to last. You may try the file test on the bottom corner. If they file readily, they are too soft. We hope to have all of the best flathead Ford products all of the time.  Back

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