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Demon 98Introducing the Demon 98
by Barry Grant

The Demon 98 is a retro two barrel high performance carburetor that fits the thirties style three bolt intake manifolds that remained popular throughout the fifties and early sixties. Fits Flathead, Y-Block, Hemi and Nailhead and is a direct replacement for the Stromberg 97 or Holley 94 carb.  Click Here for More Information.

The New Genuine Stromberg™ 97

prototype_1Looking for a Stromberg 97 carburetor for your early Ford? Some traditional hot rod carburetion, or maybe a replacement for your Holley 94s? Well, we're making new Genuine Stromberg 97 carburetors. We're making them better than ever. And best of all, they're ready!

We know they've taken a lot longer than we expected, but we wanted to get them totally right.

All our service parts are totally interchangeable with the originals, and we have them in stock now.

We have them in stock now with more coming! (Call for price)

Full flow oil filter

Full Flow Oil Filtering

Fully filter all of your oil every time. Our system requires block machine work; your block must be bare.
Full Flow Oil Filtering Plans*
Full Flow Plans* & Parts

*Plan price not refundable.

Hildebrandt full flow

Hildebrandt Full Flow oil filter base and cover, polished aluminum with full flow filter inside

Full Flow Plans, Parts, and Hildebrandt base & cover complete


ARP Fasteners. Get the best for your flathead.  Studs, nuts, and hardwashers
ARP Stud Kits for Flathead

Get the best. Specify early, late or French Flathead.  Kit includes:
48 ea ARP studs, ARP nuts, and ARP HARD washers.

Chrome engine fastener kit

Chrome Fasteners

Exhaust Manifold Set
Oil Pan Set
Water Pump (8)
Distributor (3)

Chrome acorn nuts
Chrome nut or bolt covers for heads
Chrome bolt covers for intake

Chrome radiator pipe kitChrome radiator pipe kit

Most, except below
49-53 Ford & Merc pass
49-53 pickup

Water pumps

Water Pump, not dual sheave, rebuilt
Water Pump, 37-48, dual sheave, bearing type
Water Pump, new 48-52 pickup (bearing type) 
Water Pump, new 37-48 pass & pickup(bushing type)

Weber Aluminum FlywheelMcLeod Aluminum Flywheel

Billet aluminum with replaceable steel face. Meets SFI 1-1 standard. Ring gear is tabbed and riveted for security. Get faster engine response and quicker acceleration.

McLeod Flywheels (formerly Weber, same great parts, different name)

'32-48 Aluminum

'49-53 Aluminum

'32-48 Steel

'49-53 Steel

For current prices please visit
or call us at (760) 343-2590.

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