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Offset Generator Bracket
(specify year and right or leftOffset bracket with show polish)

  Unpolished or

48 & downAlternator Bracket
(specify year)

Unpolished or Polished

Wide Belt alternator pulley

48 & earlier

Edmunds oval air cleaner

4" polished aluminum Edmunds oval air cleaner with washable element

4" Round Polished Aluminum air cleaner (smooth or finned)

Left Side 2x2Linkage from Offenhauser

Linkage is available for all the carburetor configurations that Offenhauser makes.
Left side linkage:
3x2 not progressive
3x2 progressive
Left side throttle arms, for extended throttle shafts

Right side linkage with ball end fittings, including choke:
2x2 about 3-1/2"
2x2 about 7"
2x2 about 9"


Carburetor base adapter for modern carburetor installation on 4 bbl manifold, aluminum

For current prices please visit
or call us at (760) 343-2590.

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