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Bits & Pieces III

Nov/Dec 2001

First, a couple of corrections are in order to items from my previous columns.

It has been pointed out to me by people who do pour and bore that it is not normal to find shims under the main caps on the V8's. They may be there sometimes, but there is not a normal shim pack for the V8's, an it is not normal to have shims in them, even when freshly poured and bored.

And, I noticed Federal-Mogul rod bearings on my own shelves at journal -.003" with the OD @ +.008".  I guess I forgot.

Roger Owens had some good ideas about bolt and broken bolt removals. "Something that works sometimes is a hammer type impact tool.  Shim the depth of the socket, usually with a nut. Then, when the tool is hit, the shim/nut will contact the top of the bolt and relieve some of the tension. This may force the threads away from each other enough to get the bolt to turn.

He also made up a tool to aid in the removal of broken bolts and studs.  "Take a surplus (cracked) head and drill out all of the head bolt holes to .594" diameter. Then make bushings with .593" OD's for various purposes as follow: Make two bushings 7/16 ID by 1 3/4" long to locate the head when bolted to the block with two bolts. Make a 1/8 and a 1/4 x 2" long for pilot drills -- and you can see where you are. Make a .348 x 2"long ("S" letterdrill), this is the thread root diameter, and may allow you to pick the threads out or to get hold of one and twist it around the tool." If you get some female threads exposed, you may be able to get the remainder out by alternating tap types at this point.

"If that doesn't do it, or the threads are no good, make 13/32 by 2"long bushing for pilot drill,  29/64 x 2"long bushing for Helicoil tap drill and .537" by 2" long bushing for the Helicoil tap guide. These bushings, located by the head bolt holes in the head, keep the drills centered and the holes perpendicular to the block.

"Use plenty of thread sealer on helicoil and stud or bolt. Wait until the head is going on and ready to be torqued so that the helicoil and sealer does not have to be disturbed once sealed in place."

Thank you Roger, and all of the other members who have written or emailed to add information or correct me.

What I need now is ideas for future columns. They should be in my area of expertise, which narrows the field considerably. 

Please send  your ideas to me by snail mail or email.

Thank you.

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