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Coatings for Headers

Metallic Ceramic Coating:

Today's premium coatings are metallic-ceramic thermally fused. Properly done, this coating will make any header last almost forever. It also adds the benefit of a thermal barrier, thus reducing engine compartment temperatures. The appearance is similar to buffed aluminum and the appearance does not change with heat cycles. This coating does not break down until it reaches temperatures about 1300 degrees F.

Polished Chrome Plating:

Polished chrome plating has the highest shine and it usually lasts well on flathead headers. For other header styles, plating is not recommended since they are subjected to higher heat and the plating does not throw into crevices.

Nickel Plating:

Nickel plating has good corrosion resistance and good appearance. Again, it works better for flathead headers and is not recommended for the same reason as above.


The best aerosol Hi-Heat header paint we have found is VHT.  We stock it in black and silver.

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