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Offenhauser Flat Heads

  Offenhauser Flat Heads

Offenhauser finned aluminum heads feature --

  • OffenhauserExtra heavy aluminum alloy construction with precision casting and maximum rib design for proven strength.
  • Cooler running with more water capacity for increased power.
  • Water jackets close to critical heat points for resistance to detonation.

Superior workmanship and proven quality are built into these parts. Offenhauser has made these popular and proven heads continuously since 1946.

39-48 Ford-Mercury Heads

  • Hi Light Polishing adtl
  • ARP Stud Kit: 48 ea studs, nuts and HARD washers
  • Chrome hard washers and nut covers adds
  • 49-53 Ford-Mercury Heads

  • Hi Light Polishing adtl
  • ARP Stud Kit:  48 ea studs, nuts and HARD washers
  • Head Gaskets

    Graphite - Standard Bore
    Including 221ci
    Copper - Standard  Bore
    Big Bore Graphite & Copper (all) 
    *Specifiy Early or Late / Standard or Big Bore

    Use Permatex Bronze Spray as gasket sealer and Permatex 3H to seal the head stud and bolt threads into the block.

    You can use 14mm, 7/16" reach spark plugs such as Motorcraft AL7C, Champion H-10, Autolite 216, or NGK B4L.

    For current prices please visit
    or call us at (760) 343-2590.

    [Offenhauser] [Sharp] [Edelbrock]

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