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Moly Rings
High Performance Moly Rings
Modern Plasma Moly Rings for 3-5/16" bores -- "file to fit" moly top, cast iron second ring, chrome rail oil ring.


Ross PistonsForged Ross Pistons. The best pistons for your Flathead, at the best price are Ross. A faithful reproduction of Art Sparks' original design. Machined on special Ross flathead forgings for maximum strength and minimum weight. Included are aircraft quality pins weighing 120 grams which are retained by spirolox. These beauties are at home on the strip or on the street. Piston to wall clearance .0045", .004 if you use deck stress. Stocking sizes are from 3-5/16 x 3-3/4 to 3-3/8 x 4-1/8".

Stocking Ross pistons, pins, rings and spirolox

Stocking Ross pistons, pins, inch Moly top ring set, and spirolox

Stocking Ross pistons, pins, metric Moly top ring set, and spirolox

For non-stocking pistons, pins, and spirolox

Deck Stress Plate available - buy or rent

Cast stock replacement pistons Up to 3-3/8" x 3-3/4" four ring

Cast stock replacement pistons 4" four ring

Cast aluminum pistons Up to 3-5/16" +.020 x 4-1/8"

Grant Piston Rings
Piston Rings

Grant or Hastings cast iron top.  Also have chrome rail oil ring sets.  Moly Rings, 3-5/16 bore 3 or 4 ring set

Real high volume pump
Oil Pumps

Standard oil pump, 49-53, short body, tall helical gears, new

High volume oil pump (pictured), 25% more capacity

Oil Pump Pickup

Oil Pump Pickup

32-48 need this pickup to use above pumps, (bail included with pickup)
Screen adtl.

May need to remove or modify engine oil pan baffle for fit.

Front crankshaft seal

Front crankshaft seal.

Full circle, easy drop in installation.

The full circle front seal is made of modern material with a garter spring. It has a secondary lip to keep dirt out too! Fits all years flathead Ford V8

37-41 Rod bearings
Rod Bearings

  • '32-'38 flanged
  • '39-'46 (221ci/81A)  NOS/NORS
  • '39-'46 (221ci/81A)  Current Production
  • '42-'48 (239ci/99A)  NOS/NORS
    '42-'48 (239ci/99A)  Current Production
  • Rod Bearings for 49-53 (8BA)
Main bearings


Main Bearing Sets

  • Thick 68-, Thin 68- 
  • 39-48 
  • 49-53 

Engine Gaskets

Head Gaskets '39-'53
Standard Bore GraphTite 
Standard Bore Copper
Big Bore GraphTite   Copper head gasket
Big Bore Copper - early or late

Rebuild Sets '39-'48
w/Standard Bore Copper
w/Std Bore GraphTite  
w/Big Bore Copper 
w/Big Bore GraphTite

Rebuild Sets '49-'53
w/Standard Bore Copper
w/Standard Bore GraphTite 
w/Big Bore Copper 
w/Big Bore GraphTite

V8-60 Rebuild Sets
w/GraphTite only

w/Copper (only) Big port intake gasket

  Head Gaskets

  We can make up gasket sets with Big Bore head gaskets, copper or
  graphite.  Also standard bore head gaskets are available copper or

  We also sell any individual gasket for Flathead Ford in any quantity.

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