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Model A-B Engine Parts

Model A Pistons available to +.125
Model A Piston rings avail to +.125

Winfield HeadWinfield Head:

1928-1934 Ford Fits Model A & B
New 356-T6 Aluminum

Choose 6:1 or 7:1 Compression Ratio

Riley Super Dual Intake ManifoldRiley Super Dual Intake Manifold

Port openings 1-1/2" - can be opened to 1-3/4"
Comes with bell crank for throttle linkage.
Specify for header or stock exhaust manifold.

Ansen single downdraft intakeAnsen Single Downdraft Intake

Cast Aluminum - 1-1/2" ports.
Fits Model A-B-C
Use Early Ford V-8 carbs, Stromberg 48-81-97's, or Holley 94 and 59 Models.
Specify for header or stock exhaust

Riley Model A Side CoverSide Cover Model A
1929-1931 A only
1928 A cover available, not pictured
Made from 356 cast aluminum
Sandblast finish
Specify Winfield, or Riley,

Model A side cover gasket

Winfield Model B Side CoverWinfield or Riley Model B Side Cover

1929-1931 Ford 356 aluminum sandblast finish
Specify Winfield or Riley
Model B side cover gasket

Model A Ford Water NeckFord Water Neck

1930-31 style

Heat treated 356 aluminum can be
polished as shown

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