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Red's Headers & Early Ford Speed Equipment offers a 40 page print catalog for our Flathead Ford exhaust and engine parts.

The catalog is more complete than the website, but even the catalog does not have a photo of every left and right header we sell, etc. The Flathead catalog also includes a 'performance guide' with engine building tips, and the list of books we stock and recommend on the Flathead Ford. There is a $2 charge for the catalog and we put a note in it when we mail you the catalog. We don't hold you to the $2 charge if you are purchasing parts from us within 30 days.

There are separate 16 page Y-block Ford and 8 page Model A catalogs. The Y-block catalog is $1 and the Model A catalog is no charge.

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Monday - Friday, 8AM - 4:30PM Pacific Time

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